HQ Copy-Cat (Facebook)

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HQ Copy-Cat (Facebook)

HQ Trivia

Everyone is doing the same things, when will this end?

Apple has done it for years and they are by far the best at it but the time for copy-cats has arrived. Everyone is ripping each other off, CONSTANTLY!

Facebook announced recently that on their paid platform, they will offer a HQ Trivia look-a-like. How do you feel about this?

To me, this shows the upcoming plateau of technology and innovation. Hardware and software have been on the rise for the past few decades and have been improving at an exponential pace. It is plainly impossible for this pace to continue, but when will we hit the plateau?

Not only does Facebook show their lack of innovation by imitating HQ, they are also showing their lack of differentiation by imitating all of the other streaming services/content creation services.

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