Facebook Changes 2018

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Facebook Changes 2018


If you are a business on Facebook get ready for a big change!

Facebook has changed their algorithm again. Through an effort to connect people to in a deeper way, Facebook is neglecting businesses.

Posts from friends and family will automatically show up at the top of your news feed, due to their “Ranking” score. Facebook has told us that they will boost the posts from a person rather than the posts from a page (business, event, or public figure).

Detailed expectations from Facebook:

  • Time Spent on Facebook will decrease

  • Posts from Publishers (Businesses, Events, & Public Figures) will be less visible to consumers

  • Posts from people they are connected to will be more visible

Interaction is key. The ranking scores used by facebook factor in the relevancy of the post and use the interaction received to determine if the post is relevant. According to the research from the Facebook Newsfeed team, the over all wellbeing of a person who interacts with and comments on a post is higher than an individual who passively scrolls through their feed, without interaction. The social networks has said, they are valuing the time and effort taken by an individual to comment or interact with a post, therefore the posts with interactions have a higher “ranking” score.

Facebook says they are not totally shifting away from content posted by publishers but they are placing their value on something different, the quality. The mark of achievement for a post in the new algorithm is interaction, FB wants the interaction with a post to determine its visibility. For a large publisher or news outlet this won’t really be a ¬†problem but for the small business who posts to a crowd of less than 5000 likes, this could be detrimental. Currently posts only reach 2-5% of followers, this could decrease further.

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